Problem with jeans? Could be genes!

Several weeks ago, I gave a talk at the Orchard in which the Big Idea was that taking care of our physical bodies was an act of worship not vanity… that it is about Stewardship, not Sex Appeal (hear the talk here).

Well, modern science is proving that Biblical wisdom true… seems that no matter your health or fitness level, some people will never have the fat-free, sculpted bodies they are after because of genetics. See the New York Times reports here (a lifehacker summary) and here (a NYT article).

That is not saying we should let our bodies deteriorate… taking care of our health is one of the best ways to worship God, since our bodies are one of His biggest investments in us. But it does mean that no matter what the media tells us, we cannot always assess health by those ripped abs or chiseled legs advertised in the bowflex commercial or the cover of Cosmo. So do not become discouraged because the mirror isn’t showing you what the TV is telling you… just walk/run/bike/lift/dance/train/etc. as an expression of “Thanks!” to God for the wonderful body He did give you!


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