Horseshoes in central Illinois

My wife grew up in west central Illinois… I spent most of the nineties in central Illinois farm country, going to college, grad school, and then seminary; running a business; and beginning a ministry.

One of the local “delacacies” of central Illinois is the horseshoe – potatotoes, bread, meat (sausage, beef, bacon, etc) more potatoes, or tator tots, or fries… all covered in something gooey like gravy or cheese.

Total health food:)  Anyway, this item was the preferred “after Friday night” food in Macomb were I went to school.  Haven’t had one in years.  And here it is:


3 thoughts on “Horseshoes in central Illinois

  1. Hey, looks like you had a big lunch there dear! Did the food taste like the sign says above your left shoulder…”valvoline motor oil”? That could be why your stomach was sassing you…
    Love you babe…have a great night of rest…talk to you tomorrow!

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