First Wednesday

Last night we had our monthly First Wednesday service at The Orchard.  First Wednesday is a time that we take to slow down, recalibrate ourselves, and engage in community and worship in a way that we don’t always get to on the weekends.

For the last few months we have been exploring and experiencing worship through the lens of Jesus’ conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4.  Worshiping God in Spirit and Truth is so much more than just coming to church on the weekend and singing… we have led The Orchard Church Community in various worship activities: journaling, praying, drawing, silence, communion, and many more.  We also have been focusing on how worship is to be a 24/7 activity… lived out as a lifestyle of acts of service and love to those that God loves… all as an act of worship.

And this weekend we begin One Prayer… to date over 1200 churches are partnering together to ask the question “If our church had just ONE PRAYER, what would that be?”.  This weekend is going to be foundational, as we unpack what it takes to make The Orchard a truly IRREPLACABLE community.  If you are around the Orchard this weekend, you DON’T want to miss it!


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