Personal Devotional Tools

What do you use in your own devotional time?  Last weekend, Dr. Wayne Cordiero spoke to the Orchard community via video (as part of our One Prayer series) and encouraged us to make our One Prayer “God, Make Us Wise” as he dug into the importance of feeding ourselves on God’s word.

As part of his talk, Wayne talked about the importance of a couple of key tools… journaling and Bible reading plans.  These two tools have been invaluable in my own spiritual journey, so I wanted to make sure to share some of the insights I have found useful regarding these great practices and tools!

I had several people ask me this last weekend what journal I use… of course the best answer is “any journal that you WILL use”!  A $.99 spiral binder, if used regularly is a great approach!  But if you want something more than that, I can recommend the Moleskine (as seen here).  Thin, hardback, with just the right amount of pages, it fits well into a bag or briefcase.  I buy mine at local bookstores.  The other question I was asked was, “What should I write in my journal?”.  Write prayers, thoughts, Bible verses… Wayne gave a great guide with his SOAP acronym this last weekend (Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer).  Perosnally, I write everything – all my thoughts, fears, prayers, ideas, and hopes.  I have a cash reward offered in the front of all my journals because if they ever got lost, I’d be lost!

The other really useful tools I have used are Bible reading plans.  Here are several approaches that I have used over the years that all work very well…

Bible Reading Plans

Mobile devices:
Bible Player – For audio learners; it works on the IPod and divides Bible into 365 daily audio readings.
Olive Tree – a version of the NLT Daily Bible for your mobile device, iPhone, Blackberry, or other smartphone

.  Daily readings from the OT, NT, Psalms, and Proverbs.

Bound Books:
The One Year Bible – A devotional Bible with daily readings in OT, NT, Psalms, and Proverbs.
How to Read the Bible Every Day – A small, inexpensive ($3.99 on Amazon) book that lists plans to read through the Bible in one, two, or three years!

Online Plans:
Chronological – Read through the Bible chronologically, in the time order that the events happened.
OT/NT – A daily reading plan to read through the Bible in a year.

What do you use?  I would love to learn from you!  Drop me a line.


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