This has to be the cheesiest name in the history of web apps… GooToDo.  But it sure does work.

This cloud-based software, created by Mark Hurst, author of Bit Literacy (a great read on time management in the digital age), was designed to compliment Gmail (really any email client) to help keep inbox zero a reality by moving tasks out of your inbox and onto a task list seamlessly.

GooToDo works through your email.  If I email a delegation request to someone (i.e. “Please do this by Tuesday”) and CC or BCC “”, then that task and the person’s name get added to Wednesday’s task list.  The email prefix can be “3days@”, “July7@”, or “Tomorrow@”… basically anything you can think of!  Any tasks not complete that day roll over to the next.  GooToDo also lets me drap and drop the arrangement of tasks with the day, and export the list off of the web in a variety of formats.

I have been playing with GooToDo for a few days, and already I can see the strength of this app is the integration with normal email.  A simple CC/BCC adds tasks to your GooToDo list effortlessly, with all the forwarded detail you could want.  It also is purposely designed to be used by knowledge workers who utilize the GTD (Getting Things Done) workflow process by David Allen.  And, according to the principles of GTD, any email that you can’t delete immediately or complete in 2 minutes or less can be emailed to Gootodo and converted into a task with a due date. Empty Inbox becomes the rule, not the exception – hooray!

GooToDo does cost $3 a month, but I am still using the 30 day free trial, which caps you at 10 new tasks a day.  So far, this is proving a great tool (and I think it will replace Sandy… who I am afraid I will be firing soon!)


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