Time for an old fashioned Butt Kicking

This kind of story makes me sick…

Traffic slows – people gape and stare – as three teenage boys in Cleveland beat a homeless man to death.  Nobody gets out of their cars to intervene.

A friend I had coffee with yesterday said that he was raised to understand a gentlemen was someone who could defend himself and those weaker than himself.  Amen.  I can’t believe that there wasn’t ONE able bodied man in all of those passing vehicles.  Why didn’t anyone, when witnessing this brutal beating, get out of their car and DO something?

We have become a nation of watchers… afraid to intervene.  What if I get hurt?  What if I get sued?  Where are the police? (It’s their job)  All the while a man is being beaten to death!  Any man who witnessed that event and did nothing should be ashamed.

Watch the news coverage here.


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