Recent Reads

Here are some of the books I am reading over the summer…

Erwin Mcmanus’ new one Wide Awake… just starting it!  I’ll probably reviewing this one in depth… but it looks good!

John Eldgrede’s latest book Walking With God is a good read on a new subject for him (kind of).  How to slowdown and listen to God.  Written in John’s signature style, this is definitely worth your time.

Finding Our Way Again – Brian McLaren – this author has written more books that have deeply impacted me than probably any other author in the last few years.  This work is a great “ancient-future” approach to spiritual practices, and one that is kicking off a series of similar books over the next two years by other authors.

The Disciple Making Church – Bill Hill is one of my favorite authors on discipleship.  This is a good read, not as good in my opinion as the Disciple Making Pastor (below), but is good as a follow-up read to DMP.  This would be a great book for church groups to be led through if they are investigating discipleship thinking and systems.

The Disciple Making Pastor – Bill’s best book in my opinion.  Vision casting discipleship as an organic process that happens outside of prorgrams and classes (almost in a meta-environment sense) this book challenges the thinking of every church leader about how well we are accomplishing the mission of the church… to make disciples.


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