Katrina Willis

Long time no blog… been thinking about why I do this, and needed a break.

I met Mark and Katrina Willis in my role on the Executive Board of the CDEA.  Mark and Katrina recently moved to Evanston Il from Abilene Tx to plant organic/simple churches in the city.  They are a really great couple I have had the privilegde toget to know.

But Katrina is also a fantastic artist.  And at a recent CDEA meeting, I asked about her interest in doing some live art at The Orchard during a weekend message.  Her enthusiastic response was all I needed to hear.  So we invited her to use her gifts during the worship gatherings this weekend as we talked about Contemplative Practices, and she created some wonderful portraits of people in a contemplative spirit.  Here are a couple pictures of her work at the third weekend service:


3 thoughts on “Katrina Willis

  1. I loved having her there and seeing her work. It would have enhanced the experience for me to have heard this information during service. I wasn’t sure of the purpose of her paintings or if she was presenting an example of a contemplative practice. I was there Sat. night so maybe that was explained Sunday. Either way–awesome talent!

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