60 days

60 days ago I began a quiet journey…

A doctor’s visit suggested my thyroid wasn’t doing as it should.  The doctor recommended some pharmacological adjustments and for me to track my calories to confirm if any changes I saw were the result of diet or thyroid…

I found the Hacker’s Diet online.  Designed by a software engineer, I was intrigued by the subtitle – How to Lose Weight and Hair Through Stress and Poor Nutrition.  Obviously tongue-in-cheek, the HD is not really a diet, it is simply the recording of everything eaten, it’s caloric total, and a daily weight on an Excel (or in my case Mac’s Numbers) spreadsheet – see below.  That was June 29th and I weighed 225.

Today, 60 days later, I weigh 204.  My exercise has stayed constant over the last year.  I have averaged 1504 calories a day over those 60 days, and can tell you every meal I’ve eaten since.  It is really very easy (see CalorieKing) to record.

In the chart below, the blue line is my daily weight, and the pink line is a 5 day running average – to remove the daily fluctuations that come as a normal part of living.


One thought on “60 days

  1. Awesome job on the weight loss! I am glad your physician was able to help you get it under control. Take care.


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