Another reason I’m a Mac guy…

Have you seen the new Seinfeld/Gates ad for Microsoft?  It was billed as the “I’m a Mac / I’m a PC” giant killer – Microsfot’s answer to the wildly popular, and arguably extremely effective ad campaign featuring the rather-Gates-like PC guy always embarrassing himself as a PC personification.  Microsoft is reportedly paying Seinfeld 10 million dollars to topple Apple’s campaign.

But the new Microsoft ad is by far the single worst national ad I have ever seen.  If THIS is what Microsoft thinks is cool, hip, or even INTELLIGENT, I think I now know why Windows continually sucks…

Haven’t seen it?  Watch it below… then explain it to me!


8 thoughts on “Another reason I’m a Mac guy…

  1. I agree. I was actually excited to see what they would come up with (not because I want to see Apple toppled-obviously I don’t). I assumed it would be killer and would be like a fun political debate. Not so. I was with you- when I saw it, I was embarrassed for Microsoft. This is REALLY what they came up with? I had to wonder if maybe it was a clever ploy- show the crappy commercial to lower everyone’s expectations, then hit them between the eyes with an amazing commercial. Let’s hope that’s the case, for their sake!

  2. Seinfeld? That is Sooooo 1997. What a bunch of yahoos.

    Apple focuses on the apps that run on the operating system. Microsoft focuses on the operating system.

    I don’t want to see the operating system. At least as little as possible. The “point” of the computer is to solve problems quickly, to communicate, to draw, to entertain.

    The “point” of the computer as a whole has not been about networking, file sharing, or even security for 5 years. These are all critical but they should not take up a large percentage of the users time. Microsoft loves to make a big deal out of things that should be taken for granted by now.

    Imagine if we had to tune up our cars and set the timing (old school) every month.

  3. Wow, I usually try to be moderate when it comes to the politics in computers (I still have a special place in my heart for the pc I rarely use anything)… but that was just awful…

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