Since childhood

From my youngest days I have had a “soft spot” in my spirit regarding people with special needs.  People who usually don’t know how to be intentionally mean, don’t know how to hate, don’t know how to be “normal” in the twisted and cruel ways of humanity.

I have always wanted to care for, protect, and befriend these special people.  I stood up for Jamie on my elementary playground – a boy my age who was developmentally challenged, but verbally very quick!  In college, I walked up on two drunk frat brothers who were “playing” by keeping a special needs young man trapped between two sets of foyer doors in Stipes Hall at WIU.  I gave them free boxing lessons (the perfect illustration of righteous anger!).

That is why it is a God-shaped agenda that the church Jen and I are headed to in Virgina, Woolridge Road, has as one of its core values, ministry to and with special needs people.

Last night, Woolridge hosted a regular event – a dance for special needs people and those that love them.  Click on the picture.


2 thoughts on “Since childhood

  1. Chris, as sad as I am to see you go…..this is so awesome! I am very excited for the people of Woodridge, they have no idea what they are in for!!! : ) I truly miss your messages and am excited you will be able to share the Word in your wonderful way!! Working with special needs kids is awesome. I have been working with them for a while now and they too have something special to teach all of us, if only people would listen. Good luck in your journey, I wish you and your family the best!!!!!

  2. Chris – I am so excited for you and the opportunities that are ahead of you. I understand your feelings about working with people with special needs. I began working with children and adults with severe/profound disabilities 14 years ago – something I never saw myself doing. I have been amazed at how much they have taught me. If only more people would slow down and take the time to listen to them. It has changed the way that I look at the world. Thanks for taking the time to share your gift with those that are so often overlooked!!

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