Moving to a battleground state

Looks like we are moving from a “given” state (IL) to a “battleground” state (VA) in the next election.  Wonder if we can still register to vote…

Picture courtesy of the NY TImes


3 thoughts on “Moving to a battleground state

  1. Just registered to vote last week! Will be good to be able to vote for President again (Guam votes don’t count…nice, eh?). Glad I am in a red state, but I have the only McCain sign in my neighborhood and the only McCain sticker in the Diocese parking lot (surprise, surprise…not! haha…is next to my NRA sticker…clinging to my God and guns!)

    Hope the move goes well for you and you all get settle in ok. We still have a basement of boxes and we moved in a month ago.

  2. I think you can register up to 29 days before the election — so if you guys do it soon after you arrive, I think you’ll be good.

    Can’t wait to see you later this week.


  3. i think as long as you are registered it doesn’t matter- you won’t be able to vote for their local, senate and house candidates but you should most definately be able to vote for the presidential candidtate.

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