Wired (and Fuzzy)

We have internet, TV, and phone again at the house (Verizon FIOS – blazing FAST!)… and even though there is STILL a lot of cardboard, we are beginning to settle in at our new home.  Amazing how much energy that all takes!  Here is a pic of our new home – which is slowly becoming ours

I also posted a new picture… as I have grown a beard over the last three weeks.  I have never had a full face beard before, but I think I like it… even if one friend calls me “Grizzly Adams” 🙂  It grew relatively fast, and I found I could keep it from itching by shampooing it with dandruff shampoo.  Once a day, and there was no itching as it grew!  I am still shaving my head, as I hate paying for haircuts.  But if I stopped shaving my head daily, I would soon have a full head of hair as well.


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