Weekend balance

I work weekends… as do all pastors, and a lot of you.  I work Saturday through Thursday – so my “weekend” is really Friday – when I turn off the technology (except maybe posting family pics on Twitter) and spend time with my family.  There is always a temptation for me to dive in to work – the phone keeps ringing, the message needs tweaking, etc.

But I can’t – and I don’t.  Because my family needs me even more.  So, I fight the battle of changing ryhtms in my spirit (do you sometimes feel uncomfortable, disconnected, or – yes – even guilty for totally relaxing like I do?) and focus on the people I love the most…

This last Friday?  My boys and I played soldiers in the woods, then cooked hotdogs and hamburgers over a firepit.  They loved it (and I hadn’t played soldier in a while!).  Then I took my wife out to dinner and to a movie for a date.  We went on the motorcycle – which I love because its a motorcycle, but also because it makes her hold on tight 🙂  It was a GREAT Sabbath/weekend, and I was then able to dive back into church work this morning (Saturday) feeling refreshed, and my family knowing that they are still top priority.


(And in case you are wondering, NO – Charlie is not smoking a cigar… it is an Oscar Meyer Weiner, thank you! 🙂


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