Sunday Prayers

“Father, I know now, if I have never known it befoire, that only in You can my restless heart find any peace.  For I began this life without anything but needs… no knowledge, no possessions, but full of needs.  And all the turmoil of my heart, all the storms of my mind, the struggles of my heart and the dissastisfaction of my life all stem from trying to meet those needs with the wrong things, in the wrong places, at the wrong times, and in the wrong ways.

And all of my struggles, all of my vain efforts to meet my needs, are rooted in FEAR.  Fear that you won’t truly meet my needs when I need you to the most.  Fear that you may also abandon me.  Fear that I will be consumed by my neediness.

Today I reject that fear.  I choose to believe that You are GOOD.  I choose to believe that you are not only aware of my needs before I am, but care more about meeting them than I do.  I choose to remember that you own and created anything I might ever need and your heart is GOOD.  I choose to trust.”

-From my journal… November 2, 2008


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