Drop the baggage

img_0290This last weekend at The Ridge, our weekend was focused on conflict… identifying it, resolving it, and learning to address conflict before it became “baggage” we had to carry through life.

As people came into the auditorium, they were handed two “baggage claim tickets”.  Part way through the talk, they filled out a name of someone they needed to resolve conflict with using the “You Go…Communicate…Privately” method we discussed.  They took one tag with this person’s name on it with them through the week – putting it in their wallet or purse; leaving the string attached as a reminder to actively resolve conflict this week.

The other, duplicate ticket, was put up on one of the “ticket stations” we had set up around the room.

page_1Then as they come back to The Ridge in the weeks to come they will remove this baggage claim ticket as they have tried to resolve conflict with the person.

The room felt electric as hundreds of people moved out of their seat to the ticket stations – each of them thinking of someone they had to make peace with – while our worship team played “Traveling LIght” (I lay my burdens down, and now I’m traveling light!)


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