Abortion, politics, and the church

I received an email asking why The Ridge doesn’t encourage people to vote for a particular candidate based on the particular of abortion.  I spent some time crafting this response, which I wanted to put out on the blog for all to see.  I think this message is at the heart of what it means to journey after Jesus… thoughts?

Hey ….. –

[edited] You ask about the church’s position on abortion.  I can tell you that I believe abortion is a tragedy, is not in God’s plan, misses his mark for humanity (the definition of sin), and is the result of hurt people taught to live selfishly.

Abortion breaks my heart… just like world famine does, and churches that destroy themselves with gossip, and marriages that break up, and the destruction of all of God’s creation…. sin is sin, and it all hurts.  I think that is why the church has been called to be on the redeeming side of God’s plan – to help bring redemption, restoration, and healing to humanity through the message of Jesus.

I also think that the church has really dug itself a hole with abortion – standing on street corners, screaming, waving signs, name calling… we have allowed ourselves to be lured away from the methods and leadership of Jesus.  I think the church ought to be known for what its FOR more than for what it’s AGAINST.  We need to help men and women learn to make God honoring choices in all areas… including sexuality.

And I probably won’t ever indicate which political candidate to vote for… because there is no black and white… God is neither Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, nor Green Party.  Jesus transcends politics!  And killing unborn babies is not in God’s plans – just like beating prisoners, fighting wars, ignoring the starving/widowed/unjustly treated around the world… it’s all the result of fallen creation that needs a Savior.  And politics will NEVER be that Savior.

Thanks for sharing….   I am glad you feel as passionately as you do.  I hope God further moves you and shapes you to make a difference to a young mom who might otherwise consider abortion!


4 thoughts on “Abortion, politics, and the church

  1. Right on, Chris! I have stood on sidewalks with a sign (but I’ve never yelled or called names, just prayed) and I was a speaker for WEBA (Women Exploited by Abortion) for many years. I spoke at churches and schools and was able to share my testimony with many people — teenagers and adults. I’m sad that our President-elect does not value life before birth but I will continue to pray for him and his advisors. I don’t want to see the progress we’ve made swept away. But it really comes down to changed HEARTS not legislation.

    Thanks for your well-thought-out response.

    God bless you and remember your friends at the Orchard


  2. Chris my feeling is that God’s plan is for us to actually use the free will he gave us. It is part of his plan that we make mistakes, even tragic ones. If God gave us free will in the area of sexuality then we should NOT try to legislate this type of morality — THAT would be against God’s plan since it takes away our free will. We must each wrestle with God, our conscience, in making sometimes very difficult morale decisions. The role of a Believer is to help the non-believer make the most conscious decision that he or she can at that moment in his/her life and later rejoice, or forgive.
    It is incredibly helpful for Christians to have real world examples of disabled babies, babies born to addicted parents, abused parents, who are shining examples of the best of God’s plan,like Patrick Henry! I have no clue what I might say to a mother of several children faced with a pregancy that might take her own life or the babies. I hope these are rare cases – I don’t know of any.

  3. My thoughts are that sins are not ranked in order of importance. Failing to honor your Mother or Father, or commiting adultery etc… is as greivous to God as failing to honor the life of an unborn child. Fortunatly NO physical sin we are guilty of in the flesh of can prevent the love of Christ from being given to us – This is that which brings peace like no other to those of us found guily of mistakes that the people of this world judge worse then the ones they make.

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