Recent Reads

Rob Bell’s newest Jesus Wants To Save Christians.  I liked this one better than Sex God, but not as much as Velvet Elvis (I sound like American Bandstand… I’d give it a 5, but I can’t dance to it :).  Great book to make me think about the boundaries of the church, our mission, and vision of the future.  I particularly like some points about Jesus in Mankind’s story.

NT Wright’s Simply Christian is one of the best post-modern apologetics yet.  Compelling, simple, and easily transferrable to the coffee house conversation – this one will stay on my short reading list for a while.

This book is a primer of Wright’s series Christian Origins and the Question of God – as it relates to issues of Jesus.  It was very thoughtful, while maintaining a perspective consistent with a work of its size.  A great “quick-read” that touches on some deep questions about how we follow Jesus in the here and now.


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