Friday night requiem

I am sitting on my front porch enjoying the night air… And thanking God for His faithfulness.

This last week had some fairly big challenges – tests really. There have been two occasions in the last few days where I found myself asking “Ok… Am I going to believe that – somehow – God is going to make a way through this mess, or am I going to give up?”. You know, that tipping point where you can rely on brute faith – because there is NO reason you can see to cause hope – or surrender mentally and give in.

Well, like every other time in my life (I keep reminding myself) God arrived. Yesterday in fact. I had seen no hint of His arrival, and then all at once everything fell into place. And in a way I couldn’t have invented if I had tried.

Maybe I will have to walk this particular faith journey all of my days… because I sure have tread this ground before. God is always at work – upstream – where I can’t see Him (Joshua 3). And I always have to trudge out into the water before I can see his handiwork. But He always comes through. Everytime.

And that occupies my thoughts right now. On my porch. Looking through the dark night at the stars above the lake. Thanks God.


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