Sunday Morning Prayers – Stillness


This last week I have been meditating on stillness… and before those of you who know me giggle at this, there is a difference between stillness and inactivity. One can be energetic and active and still achieve the inner-stillness of which I have been studying anew.

Some thoughts from my journal this week:

God, you put a love of the mountains – of high country – in me. One of my favorite things is to discover a lake, a hidden body of water, that upon approach mirrors the sky and the mountain range beyond in brilliant clarity. There is something sublime in first glimpsing the glory, the splendor of the mountains in the stillness of the water, and then looking up and recognizing the magnificence of the heights themselves.

In that same way, Lord, help me cultivate even more that stillness – that placid quiet – that would allow others to look on me and see only the reflection of the majesty above me. That the waters of my spirit would at times be so still as to be a perfect mirror of your glory. Father, allow people to gaze upon the stillness of my time with you – and to see your reflection.

Ironically….  it is at times like these, in the “busy” seasons of ministry when I am most active in tasks, that I most need this stillness.  And it is not something that can be managed as part of an image… it is not part of the leadership persona that every leader knows and cultivates in order to smooth out the rough spots of their own personality and better accomplish the mission.  It is, in fact, at odds with the very thought of image… of concern for outward apperance, even the best motivated concern.  It is one of the Great Tensions I am discovering that must always be managed… must be balanced as a follower of Your Way.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Prayers – Stillness

  1. Wow, Chris…what an incredible addition to the continued preparation of my heart for worship this morning!! Thank you for always pointing us to Christ!

  2. Chris,

    I haven’t actually had a chance to say anything, but Hello when you first arrived. I appreciate your willingness to make yourself transparent for us to know who you are and your heart!! That is so important when developing good relationships!! I wanted to encourage you and say that your positiveness and energy is very refreshing and motivating!! Keep doing whatever God is leading you to do. When I first arrived at Woolridge, I didn’t want to be there. That’s another story for another time, but God spoke to me in the service and told me to wait and see, he was going to do great things at Woolridge, more than I could imagine!!!! I have to see I believe I am seeing the beginnings of that word coming to pass!!! Thanks, Susan Klucker

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