Don’t forget to Execute

Pulled a book off of my shelf this morning I hadn’t read in quite some time… but it definitely is worth reviewing.  This was a skim-read for me, both times… because it is a bit dry and a little techno-speak driven for my tastes.  Also, the “hero” of the book, Dick Brown at EDS, doesn’t seem to make a great business hero, after EDS’  meltdown and request for him to step down.  But, the principles (copied below from a great review on Amazon) are worth the cost of the book…

  • Know yourself, know your people, and know your business.
  • Be real, and insist on realism from those around you.
  • Set clear goals and priorities.
  • Follow through – do what you plan!
  • Reward the people and systems that actually produce.
  • Expand people’s capacities (grow leaders/doers).

The big idea from this book for me is to be action oriented.  DO  – don’t just PLAN.  I love planning, but only because it helps me DO.  I have been involved with church leadership teams in the past that focused so much on planning, forecasting, reviewing, analyzing, predicting, and explaining that they never actually got around to DOING.  That was a very frustrating season in my life. (Attention church leaders: Neither the corporate nor the governmental model is the correct model for the church… need that be explained in an era of corporate collapse and governmental crisis?!?)

For pastors: If you lead a church, is your church structured to allow you to execute (or to be executed)?  If not, then the church structure must be addressed or the status quo will continue to dominate any attempts to execute change.

One great question – how many leadership teams/committees/boards are there?  Many teams – in a spirit of ‘checks and balances’ is often a death knell to execution.

Can you change the strucutre (a HUGE investment)?  Can you live with the status quo and be happy/fulfilled in your calling?  If you cannot change the leadership structure, and cannot live with the status quo, there is one final thing to execute – your resignation and reassignment.  It may be time to get to where you can lead, where you can execute.


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