Changing Times…


I know there is some news about the economy slowing down… 🙂

But we live in an incredible age where change happens fast, and the rate of change is happening ever faster!  How well are you keeping up with it?

For example, Fast Company reports that the NYTimes is considering might be considering ditching paper all together and instead promoting delivery on e-readers like the Kindle.  It would actually save the TIMES a bundle, but would cost them in terms of reader familiarity with the devices.  Makes sense… I read the paper every day, but haven’t bought a “paper” paper in years.  I read it online on my computer or on my iPhone.

Even if you don’t spend a dime on new technology (which most of the time is the wise choice), take a trip down to your favorite electronics store and play with a few new devices.  Read blogs and crawl the web looking for the latest tools.  Stay up on the latest trends, even if you don’t invest in them.  It helps stay in touch with the culture around us.


2 thoughts on “Changing Times…

  1. This is a trend that is going to continue. We have audiobooks, streaming movies on Netflix, downloadable software packages (Blizzard, Adobe, etc), renting movies on Pay Per View, and there are game consoles that offer downloadable games, as well. Digital delivery is the way things will eventually be done. The only thing slightly hindering it is bandwidth issues and people becoming familiar with a new way of doing things.

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