How BIG is God in your life?  This society we live in tends to minimize everything… dreams, family, time, ethics.  You name it, and our culture seems to find a way to hem it in, diminish it, and restrict it.  Of course, we use labels like pragmatism, “doing business”, and realism.  But the result is the same: small living.

I have a discipline in my daily time with God that is there strictly to remind me that GOD NEVER DOES ANYTHING SMALL.  Look at the stories in the Bible.  Floods.  Creation.  Incarnation.  Life Change.  Healings.  I never see a time when a person dreams and God says… “Hold On!  Too Big!”.

What I do see is that we often try to put God in a box.  Compartmentalize.  Define.  Restrict.  God is easier to understand if he fits on my schedule on Sunday morning from 11:00-12:15.  But change the world?  Drop eggs from a helicopter?  Revitalize whole communities?  Bring hope to special needs families?  Never!  Get Real – we say.

I tell you this… when I die, I don’t want to look back and ask – “What was I waiting for?”.  Go Big.  Dream Big.  Blow the doors off.  Use your head, think things through, and plan to execute well… but don’t ever listen to the voice that says “That’s too much… or too big… or too unrealistic.”

When Satan accuses me in front of God the Father (see the book of  Job) I don’t want it to be because I played it too safe.  And now two special words:

Pastors – God called YOU to lead your church.  Not the people who might be criticizing you.  If they know how to do it so much better, then God will call them to lead.  You are not in the position you are in because of your personality, giftedness, or social network.  You are where you are because God called you, equipped you, and placed you. So – Hear from Him… and have the COURAGE to do what HE says.  And whatever it is… GO BIG!  Make an impact!  Your calling is too important not to try!

Men – Society tells us to hem it in.  Play it safe.  The church often comes across very feminized.  But guys, Jesus wasn’t a girly man.  He had moxie.. the courage to take a chance on a group of guys and ladies who would change the world.  The courage to lead.  The courage to tick off the religious leaders and challenge them to change.  You don’t have to shut up and sit up straight to be a follower of Jesus.  Get out there and try it!


One thought on “Big

  1. Thanks, Chris for this encouragement!!!
    I am beginning to learn that if I have a healthy view of myself (wiling to be weaker/smaller) in contrast to who God is then I am better able to see Him as He really is…..BIGGER than I could even imagine!!
    Reminds me of the kid song, “BIG BIG GOD”!

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