Sunday Morning Prayers

Have you ever noticed that not once did Jesus ever make his disciples pray???  He just kept praying, modeling the Divine Conversation, until they at last asked him how they too could also be a part.  And his response, his teaching to them, was not full of religious platitudes.  He used no flowery words, no pious speech, no rhetoric… just simple, direct speech filled with nobility and sureness.

Almost as though he was not worried about WHO (people) might be listening, because he knew intimately WHO was listening.  I heard as a boy that no farmer who plants corn worries that wheat may come up instead.  If you plant an acorn, you trust the virtue, the nature of that acorn is to grow an oak… not a pumpkin.  So it is with Jesus’ prayer life that he modeled for His followers.  Knowing that prayers that are based on that which is simple, honest, just, pure, lovely, etc. will be fulfilled by the heart of a loving and just God, Jesus did not argue his prayer life into being.  There was no fanfare.  No sweat and theatrics.  Because He trusted the nature of prayer – that what is planted is what will grow.

God, help me be a part of this Divine Conversation in the same way.


Without fanfare.

Trusting the nature of that which is planted.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Prayers

  1. Great post! I get the privilege of hearing the simple, beautiful prayers of children each week. They remind me that God wants to have real conversations with the real us.

  2. Beautifully stated, Chris. My desire would be for us to not solely be focused on the outcome of prayer as much as we would be focused on the process of prayer. Such an incredible place to be…alone in intimate conversation with our Lord!!!

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