Staff Management

Of all the things they SHOULD teach in cemetery, I mean seminary, but don’t… Staff Management ranks as the most important.  More pastors I know leave churches because of problems with staff than any other single problem.  James McDonald wrote about the lessons he learned managing staff.  His closing paragraph alone is worth the read.  Following just this advice will keep most pastors out of hot water, and make for happier staff relationships:

In summary:
Hire slower, fire faster, manage more consistently, encourage more frequently, share your burdens more openly and trust your best people more completely.  Listen to what references tell you and not as much to what people say about themselves. Hire the smarter person, hire the more passionate person, hire the more teachable person.  Don’t hire the person with the reluctant spouse or the person with the personal agendaPeople who over promise under deliver and people who are easily enamored will be just as easily disillusioned.  As with all relationships in the body of Christ, keep your eyes on the Lord and your heart filled with faith; God is working on all of us.


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