Christian Dating Sites


Matt, from put up a very funny post on how to write the best Christian dating ad on the blog StuffChristiansLike.  If you don’t read SCL, you should definitely check it out – very funny blog!

Here is a snippet:

Why should you not list any other interests [in your Christian dating sire profile]? Because any real Christian will see right through to your worldliness:

Jazz Music: That’s baby-making music. How do you know about that anyway?
Television: It’s just sex and violence.
Cars: Jesus didn’t have a car.
Football: Way too much butt slapping.
The stock market: Better to store up treasures in heaven.

There you have it, a complete Christian dating profile. Take my advice, and you will be a steaming chunk of sexy Christian temptation. Anyone fortunate enough to see your profile will be overtaken by a fit of smoldering passion and desire to read The Five Love Languages with you, participate in several weeks pre-marital counseling, get married, and settle down into a nice quiet Christian life. That’s hot!


One thought on “Christian Dating Sites

  1. Chris,
    In Pittsburgh, the local Christian radio station is always advertising “Equally Yoked”, an online eHarmony for Christians. But to sign up, you have to do an in person interview with a representative from the site. I always wonder if they ask questions like the ones you listed, “Do you enjoy watching television? How do you feel about rated R movies? Have you ever read ‘The Shack’?” I’m not really anticipating using the site any time soon, but I kind of want to get an interview just to see what it’s really like!
    I love SCL, too – it’s hilarious!

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