iPhone apps


I’ve had my iPhone for nearly a year now… and love it more every day.  Here are some of my most used apps:

Evernote – Still finding new uses for this… a great inbox for voice memos, pics, lists of all kinds… and totally free!

iMafia – My favorite iPhone game… become a crime don.  I love the real life strategy in this game… fight a lot and make quick money, or invest in real estate for long term growth?  I’ve noticed players who play with their pride (I’ll show HIM) tend to die quickly :)

Twittter Fon / Tweetie – These two twitter apps meet all my needs… I do about 90% of my twittering on TwitterFon… it’s fast and very slick.  But Tweetie allows me to work multiple accounts and is a good backup.

vlingo – I can post to Twitter, Facebook, make a call or a text, get directions, or search google… all with my voice!

Google sync – I no longer sync my contacts, calendar, or mail on my iPhone through iTunes… but over the air with Google!  I loved this on my blackberry (it was the single biggest regret when switching to iPhone) and it is even better on the iPhone.  Make sure you go here to choose which calendars to sync though…

Now Playing – I like going to movies on Sunday night… a great way to chill out and prepare for the week ahead.  This is the best movie tool on the iPhone I’ve found.  Quick, simple, and very accurate.

Public Radio – I listen to a lot of public radio… and this app does it simply wonderfully.  Quick, simple, and efficient!

Pandora Radio – I play Pandora on my Mac for hours every day… and this app has in large part replaced iTunes for most listening on my iPhone.  Great way to keep the music fresh and free!  If you don’t know Pandora, type in a song, a group, or an artist and Pandora will play music of a similar genre in “channels”.  No purchasing required.

The Weather Channel – beats the on-board iPhone weather app hands down.  The speediest and simplest – I love it!  A must have for every biker!


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