Our Community

I recently sent this note to our community of faith here at The Ridge as we are wrapping  up our teaching series INKED… I thought it worth repeating:

The amount of ink we have seen around The Ridge is definitely on the rise! Not only am I talking about the ink that new guests are wearing in (seeing some beautiful tattoos!), or the new ink that some in our community are getting after years of dreaming about them… The INK I am referring to is the imprint we are making as a community of faith on our culture!

If you haven’t caught it yet, we here at The Ridge don’t desire to be a crowd of Christian consumers!

“Give us more programs!  Give us more more teachin’!
Feed me!!!”

No thanks!

I love that our community is figuring out how to BE the church in the culture we find ourselves in, instead of retreating from culture to the sanctuary of the church.

I love that our community is figuring out how to be followers of Jesus not only around the Pulpit, but around their Tables at home with friends, family, and neighbors, and in the City Square, with everyday people.

I love that our community is learning how to be both the GATHERED and SCATTERED church.  Taking responsibility back upon ourselves to leave programmed Christianity for the lifestyle of following Jesus!

Thanks for being THAT kind of community and for being on this journey with us!  The adventure continues!


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