Confidence of a warrior

Ok… you all know I am not the typical, traditional, spiritual leader.  How many pastors can teach sniping and knife fighting?  But I HAVE GOT to talk about this…

Our culture is sooooo filled with doom and gloom right now.  Oil spills.  Financial meltdowns.  Housing slumps.  Unemployment…. BLECH!  But the worst part, is that I see evidence of it in people of faith!  All over, I pick up an air of anxiety, nervousness, timidity.  And it’s time for it to STOP!

Followers of Jesus are people of the journey.  People called to greatness.  People called to a warrior mindset (and no… not crusade-like violence, but rather a courage, boldness, and counter-cultural hope synonymous with a warrior).  We are called to be a people of GREATNESS.

But GREATNESS only emerges when people are confident.  As a quote I read recently said, ‘when we believe – together – that life is GOOD, and humanity is GOOD, because God is GOOD’ we can be the hopeful, confident, courageous people that our culture needs us to be.

When we suffer from a lack of confidence we become the opposite of hopeful… depressed, negative, lazy, critical, and sedentary.  We become people of the cloister… huddling together waiting for God’s merciful end to this world instead of fighting injustice and evil with love, strength and peace.  A lack of confidence convinces us that we are victims instead of confident, strong, and loving cultural warriors seeking to make RIGHT what was once WRONG.

Weak kneed people lacking a higher confidence DON’T get up and actively seek justice, solutions, and transformative action.  They become self-focused, consumeristic, fat, and lazy (mentally, spiritually, and physically).

We can do GREAT things – exciting, imaginative, creative things – when we are confident that we are part of a bigger story that is going some where and is filled with something GOOD.  That we can derive confidence personally from being connected to GOOD.  That we become warriors of justice, mercy, strength, honor, etc. who can serve our culture by being good, loving, strong, just people.

All it takes is faith, hope, and love… and a lot of hard work.  There is a LOT more to be said on this… but this is already too long.

Be strong and courageous.  Be warriors of strength, love, and peace.


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