Breakfast in bed… or masculine surrender

OK – so today, I am going to talk to the fellas about how to make breakfast in bed for your beloved… Ladies, go ahead and get your guy and have him read this, then leave the room for a minute or two.  Wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise now would we? 🙂

Ok Guys, first clean your cooking surface….

OK Dude… Is she gone?  Yeah?  Great.  Cause I want to talk to you about something very DUDEish.  And I think it’s best we just keep it between us, ok?

Do you attend a church?  Think of yourself as spiritual?  Try to be a good guy?  If any of those apply then we have something in common.  I grew up in the church… have been seeking spiritually my whole life… and really do try to be GOOD (just, honest, strong, etc.).  And I always heard that the goal was to be NICE.  And that usually meant very soft in speech and action.  Meek.  In some ways very feminine.

And I heard things in church which added to that… the goal was for church to make young boys into “good boys” – read NICE.  And I heard a lot about terms like SURRENDER.  LOVE.  PEACE.  All things that seem to go along with the ‘nice boy’ view of the world.

BUT THAT IS ALL DEAD WRONG!  Dudes – God did not send His Son to the earth to teach you how to be nice!  That doesn’t mean that we can’t be polite, considerate, surrendered, and peace-seeking men.  The key is in the definition of those words.

Through the help years ago from authors and mentors like John Eldredge, Steve Farrar, Ed Kuras, and others, I learned that God made us male… and that we don’t have to give up our own version of maleness to be GOOD. Unfortunately in the absence of truly shared leadership (guys – we HAVE dropped the ball leading in a lot of areas and our moms, wives, and daughters have had to pick up the mantle!) the definition of what it means to be a “GOOD guy” has shifted tremendously in the last 50-75 years.

We ARE to be surrendered to God – the same way a knight or samurai was surrendered to his Lord.  We take our orders to go seek justice, fight evil, be men of action under the protective umbrella of authority from our KING.  A lordless samurai was called Ronin… aimless and lost, they were soon turned out into ruthless assassins or mercs.  Warriors were meant to have a LORD.  To serve a PURPOSE.

I’m not saying every guy has to be John Wayne, Chuck Norris, and Teddy Roosevelt… but we DO have to figure out what being male means to us.  How did God wire you?  Women are not inferior – they are our equal in every way – but that doesn’t mean we are the same (I know… duh! right?).  There is a much better goal than being nice… being a GOOD man.  A loving man, full of the strength, peace, just-ferocity, courage, and determination to actually CHANGE what is wrong.

So go ahead brother… stir up that warrior inside of you.  Have the courage to break free of the “nice boy” model that was cast for you.  Forget that.  Surprise the ladies in your life with your kind strength, your determined direction, and your rediscovered manhood.  Let it be a great surprise!


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