releasing the power of books

I love books!  But after spending years amassing (and that is the right root word there – mass!) my library I have a lot of them!  And I have to admit I have a love affair with each and every one.

But in my recent quest for simplification I have realized I am hoarding that which I love.  I have read them all – some over a dozen times.  I hold on to them for memories (sentiment), incase I might “need them” again (fear), because I have a lot of money invested into them (greed), and – frankly – because I like the idea of a big library (pride).  Not a great list of motives…

If I release them into the wild again, someone else will glean the learning, insight, perspective, and enjoyment that I have gotten from them.  My library will live instead of sitting dormant!

I have taken boxes of books to the library and used book stores.  I have sold some on ebay and craigslist.  But I have recently found a much more elegant solution.  I mooch.

Book Mooch is a online community of bibliophiles who share books.  Got a book to share?  List it on the mooch.  If another reader sees it and wants it, they send a request to have it mailed to them (thank God for USPS media mail!).  Sending books earns credits that can be “spent” on new-to-you books.  A totally voluntary and collaborative online book sharing community!

I can even make a wishlist of books I would like to mooch… and if someone lists one of them to share, Book Mooch contacts me to let me know.

Simple.  Elegant.  Communal.  And totally free!

I can enjoy my books and then send them on – knowing they will be enjoyed again and again.  Why own when you can mooch?
And in case you were wondering, YES! I do have an RSS feed of my wishlist and available books.


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