Ultimate Forgiveness Challenge

This last weekend at The Ridge, our faith community, we began a series examining the topic of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is one of those things that everyone agrees is important, necessary, decent, etc… and everyone waits until they get around to it before digging into.  So we began what we are calling the UFC – The Ultimate Forgiveness Challenge.  You can listen to our discussion here.

It is important to not relegate forgiveness to an intellectual pursuit… we have to dig in and begin the real work of setting ourselves and others free.  And that work is often painfully challenging.  So we are taking this week to ask ourselves a series of questions – as part one of the challenge.

Journal these… talk about them with someone you respect.  And then do something about what you discover:

Forgiveness Self-Evaluation:

Is there any situation that you need to drop the jawbone?  Give up the right to revenge?

Regarding that situation in your life right now, what’s your next step of forgiveness?  What can you do TODAY to begin forgiving?

Is there any way you have been excusing your own bad behavior, citing “what they did”?

Is there any person, any situation that you need to entrust to God’s justice?  Even if you don’t see it?

Is there anyone you need to wish well?  To bless?  To serve?

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