finding simplicity : in the kitchen

This is the second post in the finding simplicity series.  You can see the first post on finding simplicity in the bedroom here

The kitchen is probably my next favorite room in the home.  I love to prepare healthy and tasty food – I love to cook!  But it is also very easy to get the kitchen so cluttered it is unusable.  Here are some great tips for finding simplicity in the kitchen:

  • Simplify the dishes – I buy and use inexpensive corelle brand dishes in plain white.  They are tough, easy to clean, and inexpensive to replace without having to worry about a pattern.  We also keep our dish count to a minimum – in our family of five we have 10 large and 10 small plates (enough for company), 8 coffee mugs, 8 bowls, and a corresponding number of silverware.  No need for huge amounts! (see dishwashing below)
  • Simplify the dishwashing – a dishwasher came in the house we rented but I don’t use it, and don’t allow my sons to either.  Simply washing the dishes by hand as soon as the meal is over uses a lot less water and is much faster!  By the time I would load and empty the dishwasher (and clean up the spots the dishwasher missed), I could have washed the dishes by hand, put them away, had some great conversation with those helping, and brewed a cup of tea!
  • Simplify the cooking utensils – we have a small number of pots, one frying pan, and regularly use the 4 Ps to declutter the kitchen tools (spatulas, tongs, etc)  The less you have, the fewer to clean, store, and maintain.  And the simpler it is to find what you need when you need it.
  • Simplify the preparation – cook simple meals at home.  Eating out less improves your health and finances… besides eating at home is much more fun.  Take the time to plan your meals and shopping for a week – or use helpful services like E-Mealz to help you shop and meal plan.  Buy few packaged foods.  Eat and prepare more fruits and vegetables.  You don’t have to be Julia Childs – cook simple meals you and your loved ones will enjoy.  And slow down and savor the experience of preparation.  If you arrive home late, and are too tired to cook, then pre-cook several meals and heat them up when you get home.  With a little thought and preparation there is always an answer!
  • Flylady your kitchen!  The flylady helped me when I was starting to investigate simplicity and minimalism.  Do the dishes before bed so you don’t wake up to a messy kitchen in the morning.  Shine the sink (a cool trick that actually works!).  Keep all horizontal surfaces (like counters and appliances) clear of stuff.  Everything has a place, and each thing should be in its place.

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