Bring enough gun

So small, it fits in the palm of your hand! Is that what you want in a combat weapon??

I recently saw in one of the GunMafia rags, an actual advertisement for a handgun that read “So small, it fits in the palm of your hand!”

That seems to be the trend.  Dressed up in words like “easy to conceal”, “won’t know you’re carrying it”, etc. manufacturers promote small, slim handguns that don’t bother anyone.  And that’s the problem.

In my years of training, I have seen MANY students show up to class with their new, diminutive, “wunder-pistol” that they can hide ANYWHERE.  Unfortunately, I have also seen many if not most of these disintegrate under training.  Ejectors go flying.  Triggers malfunction.  I have actually seen a slide or two crack under the stress.

On top of that, my students learn that when confronted with a life or death situation, requiring them to draw and employ a handgun, traits like “small, fragile, and low round count” are not necessarily what they want.  If you must draw and shoot, then SHOOT.  Ammo is cheap.  Your life is not.

One of my smaller framed students, handling a full framed Glock quite well!

On the other side, I rarely see any malfunctions from some of the more reputable manufacturers have difficulties.  I have NEVER had a Glock malfunction.  Very few of the other modern combat pistols do either.

I tell my students carry the LARGEST gun they can reasonably conceal.  One that holds the most rounds possible in the largest frame that they can shoot well.

And carry at least one, if not more, spare magazines.  Because if you do need to shoot, you want the most gun you can have.

“But I can’t carry a full size!”  Of course you can (in all but the most extreme cases). Your weapon is meant to be a comfort, not comfortable.  It will take some getting used to, but put it in a quality holster, with a quality mag pouch, untuck your shirt/cover it up, and away you go.

Because if you DO need to draw your gun, you don’t want to wonder if it will work, if you have enough ammo, or if you just bet your life on the latest marketing scheme.

Bring enough gun!

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