5 Great Date Night Ideas

It’s Friday…my day off, but also DATE NIGHT much of the time for Jen and I (sometimes, we still do date night on Thursday – it depends…)

If you are at all like me, it takes energy to come up with really good date night ideas.  So here’s a head start – 5 weeks worth of great date night ideas (I’ve tested them and know they work!).  By the way, it doesn’t take lots of money to have a great date night habit… just energy and creativity!

1) Go to your favorite big box store (Wal Mart, Home Depot, etc.).  Each of you have ten minutes to buy three items (set a dollar limit appropriate to your situation) that best describe/illustrate your date.  Then go to dinner or coffee, and try to guess why your date bought what they did.  The real explanations are a time for fun, endearment, and maybe even a little embarrassment (if you chose well).

2) After dinner at your favorite eatery, take your date to a bookstore.  Look in the travel section and plan the ultimate two week vacation as if money were no object!  Get creative, get opulent… just don’t get carried away and buy the tickets (unless you both were REALLY inspired).

3)Take your date to the theater – not the movie variety, the stage variety.  Local colleges, even high schools, put on great stage productions.  There is just something about a stage play that makes a date different and fun.  Even better if it is scary or funny!

4)Plan any date for a different time… if date night is usually after 6pm, pick your date up at noon, or for brunch.  Even a meal in your old standby restaurant becomes a new adventure if you change up the time.

5) Don’t ever take date night or your date for granted.  Married couples – DATE EACH OTHER.  The crumbiest date night is better than the best day in divorce court…


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