Saturday Night Wow






For months now, the volunteers and staff of the Orchard have been working toward the launch of our new Saturday night service.  Everyone has been busy Recruiting and Reproducing themselves into new volunteers to staff the new service.  Mailers were sent to the community to advertise our new series and the new service launch.  It was an "all hands on deck" experience, and the whole church body got behind it.

What a weekend!  We saw a huge crowd on Saturday night, with lots of new people.  We celebrated with tons of pizza and soda for everyone at Saturday night – to say thanks to our guests, and the wonderful volunteers that made it possible.

And it all worked!  People came!  Volunteers were prepared for the crowds.  New volunteers were learning their jobs and serving alongside the "veterans". 

I don’t know why it amazes me every time –  we pray for God to "Wow" us and He does!


One thought on “Saturday Night Wow

  1. Jen said you got a huge group at your first Saturday night service. That is such an amazing testament to the perserverance of you and your staff and of course, ultimately of God! I know that where I work, sometimes we have to be here on a Sunday to make sure the retreat groups are being cared for, and a Saturday night service would be awesome.
    I love hearing from Jen so much and I pray for you both and the boys! Keep it up. 🙂

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