The 3 R’s

You know – the 3 R’s – Retro Razors and ‘Riting!

I recently got tired of being Gillette’s Orwellian slave (OK – a bit of an overstatement, but you get my drift).  Shelling out upwards of $2 a pop for a cartridge for their latest and coolest "shaving system" (nobody carries razors anymore – everything is a "shaving system") was getting old – and expensive!  "Try our new GLOWING, VIBRATING, and DANCING razor head for the closest shave yet!" 

All I want to do is remove the little hairs growing out of my face… not finance the Gillette family’s new super-yacht.  So I switched, I went retro, and am now shaving the way my great-grandfather did (with blades just pennies a pop).  I purchased a Merkur Heavy Classic double-edge safety razor, just like grandad used!  Now when I shave, I use a dab of Taylor of Old Bond Street shave cream, apply it with a badger-hair brush, and shave a new way (DON"T PUSH DOWN!)… er, make that an old way.

I also was recently given, by my lovely wife, a Retro 51 fountain pen.  I love it!  It writes so beautifully, doesn’t leak in my bag, and can be refilled from a cartridge.  I am going to be doing a lot of writing next month, and just love writing with a good pen in my hand.


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