Don’t Point (or Front Sight pt 2)

I received A LOT of cool email about my last post.   Several were from some knowledgeable shooters (way to go!  I love that tactically minded people read my blog).  They "pointed out" (HA) the method called "point shooting".  In this method, you react to a threat by pointing your weapon instinctively at the bad guy / target and pressing the trigger.  No sights – just point and shoot.  Your eyes stay focused on the threat, they say. 

Actually, your eyes become HYPER-focused on the threat.  In point shooting your whole being becomes consumed with the target.  While many think that this shooting method creates faster reaction time, it actually SLOWS YOU DOWN.  You are so focused on the threat, your mind relegates working the weapon to the back burner.  You get focused on the problem (target), and not the solution (weapon).  Also, it only works on VERY close targets…ones that have already gotten too close, actually.

Again, some leadership parallels.  Leaders who focus solely on the threat become HYPER-focused on the threat, and their ability to lead becomes compromised.  A pastor/leader must work at anticipating leadership challenges (identify the target as soon as possible) and focus on the FRONT SIGHT – the values, mission, or vision that is critical.  Don’t let the threat consume you!  "Point Shooting" leaders soon find themselves reacting to one crisis after another.  Take the time – use that front sight – and get your organization where it needs to be.  This threat is just a bump in the road.


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